Helpful Tips



Printing: Colors are not the same from one photo lab to another. I can only guarantee the results of your prints by ordering through my photo labs using the color profiles that work with their printers. But if you choose to have them printed on your own, I would suggest using a print service that gives you the options to not have color correction added. Usually there is a checkbox loctated on one of the ordering pages. You can find comparison images on the web with a little searching.

Cropping: I try to leave room for you to have options to order different image scales. However, an image that is taken and cropped horizontally is meant to be printed that way. Changing it to a vertical or portrait style crop and vice versa will change the artistic intent of the image and alter its visual appeal.  I recommend that this is not done when you order images. Please visit with me.

Edits: I prefer you do not add your own enhancements to my images. But if you feel inclined to do so, please indicate on the tagline if uploaded to the internet  that you added the enhancements. I intend for my images to have a particular presence, and would like for my style to be represented in the work that is shared. 

Sharing: Web ready images are the only images that should be uploaded for social media and will always have my logo on them. This logo is to remain intact when uploaded for sharing. 

It's important that images I create are shared in a way that reflects my work and what others can expect if they choose to work with me in the future. Please help me maintain consistency in the work that is presented online.