Planning Ahead A little planning can go a long way to prepare a well rounded and productive session. Choosing a cohesive color scheme and style will bring it all together, especially when it compliments the location and background.  

I've added a few links below to generate ideas for a starting point. You can also find many outfit and color scheme ideas on Pinterest. Searching for "Portrait wardrobe", "what to wear for family photos" etc will bring up many fun ideas to coordinate outfits. 

What To Wear Guides

Fall Photo suggestions

A few tips to keep the session moving and avoid delays or extra costs down the road. 

-avoiding tan lines if they will show

- removing hair ties, cell phones prior to getting out of the car

- having hair and makeup professionally done can make a huge difference in maintaining a consistent look      

   throughout the session.

-have clothes ready, on hangers and pressed.

-lay out your outfits and make sure you have shoes and accessories ready to take with you

-clean any props you plan to bring and have them loaded up

-pets and livestock are always welcome. Bring a leash and snacks just in case for pets.

-discuss special needs or requests with myself and those who will be helping (such as securing access to the school    

  or other location, mobility needs, park permits) I can help.

-Plan to relax, have fun, and personalize your session with items that are unique to you.

Consider the setting you want to shoot in and the vibe you'd like to see in your images. Sharing examples with me ahead of time, will help me assure the correct lighting  and equipment is available.