Thank You For 2015

January 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

2015 has gone by in a blur...I thought I had 9 months to prepare for graduation and now I'm down to less than 5. It's going to race by I'm sure. 

The last year was a great time to hone in the graphics skills and make some nice artistic improvements to my editing style. I love to follow great photographers and I've enjoyed watching some of our local talent improve as well. So many great artists in just a 30 mile radius. 


Shooting in snow was new for me this year in February and again later in December. Not as bad as I thought, and it really lights the face in places once only shadows prevailed. 

I got to work with some great kids and found that I really prefer naturally occurring poses and movement. Posing is hard for kids to hold onto, let alone if brother or sister isn't having it. I'm most proud of the images where the subject is doing something routine and comfortable.

Summer was great and so much color and great light. I really enjoyed working with natural sunlight and working on backlit photos this year.

I found some great new places to shoot, and found new ways to shoot some of my old favorites. Even took my camera into the river a few times. That was easier than I thought. Of course not too deep.

One thing I struggled with was getting out of the same poses and shots. Some of the typical family shots are still requested, but one has to work on mixing it up so they don't look like the same image over and over. 

I enjoyed challenging myself with larger groups. Definitely need editing skills to swap heads and get everyone where they are supposed to be. I tend to shoot a lot of frames anyway so it isn't hard to get some good base shots.

I've enjoyed the people who share my preference for authenticity in capturing the character of our little ones. Each one is his/her own little personality and I love it when that shows through in a photo.


To my repeat clients, thank you for coming back and spreading the word. I want to do only so many sessions that I can work on them carefully to create the art I enjoy and produce results that you'll love.

For my family, you've been so very patient as you wait your turn. I appreciate that.


The Seniors are always fun to work with. I've enjoyed every one of them and all the groups.

Our cheer and dance teams are first rate also, and I look forward to those sessions every time.

Thank you...thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me with your images. I've had a great time this year and look forward to what the next year brings.


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